Stillwater Mental Health

Let’s make talking about mental health as normal as talking about any other aspect of health. I am not a mental health expert. Nor am I a counselor. I’m just a normal dude walking around with pretty normal stuff inside my head and heart. Like you. Like everyone. And because it’s normal to have emotional struggles or feel concerned about your own mental health, I think talking about it should be OK. Normal, even.


Mental health is important, and this part of Stillwater Ripple is dedicated to helping people achieve wellness by sharing I’ve learned. If you agree that it’s important to see a doctor for physical maladies, not to mention general well-checks, then hopefully you agree it’s important to take care of your emotional self, too.

There’s stigma attached to the term “mental health” and part of what you’ll find here is an effort to diminish that problem. I believe that time invested in emotional wellness is important and necessary.

My Mental Health Journey

Writing this section of Stillwater Ripple is part of my mental health journey. It’s similar to journaling, but with an obvious element of publicity that most journals don’t have. And that element of publicity also means that some of the more intimate details are omitted.

Most of my life I’ve lived with depression, a little anxiety (a lot on a few occasions!), and great deal of grief. These things are all braided together with each other and the many, many wonderful parts of my life as well. It’s impossible, and likely unhealthy, to try to separate the strands. In doing so, I the various episodes lose context.

I’ve learned that it’s OK to struggle with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. I’ve learned to accept my grief as part of my story. And I’ve also learned to view them all through a wide lens that lets me see they don’t define me. I am not my grief nor my depression nor my anxiety. Sure, they’re all part of my story, but they’re not the only bits of my story.

Mental Health Blog Posts

The majority of what I have to say about mental health and emotional wellness will/does appear(s) in the Stillwater Ripple blog posts. As I write this paragraph on 20 September 2020, there’s not much there yet. Heck, this entire website is less than three weeks old as I write this. But the stuff will be there. And when it is, it will be tagged with “mental health,” “emotional wellness,” and more specific tags such as “depression” or “anxiety,” as appropriate.

Some Resources About Emotional Wellness

The blog posts will eventually make reference to resources that can be found on this site or on other sites that deal with specific mental health issues. Topics such as Food and Emotional Wellness and the Blue Mind movement will be linked here. With time, I will build a list of links below for easy reference. For now, there’s only one:

Foods that boost serotonin levels See my list of foods that boost serotonin levels. It contains information about serotonin, tryptophan, and a list of foods that help boost your mood. Please note that the list is not comprehensive, and the page will be revised as I learn more. In fact, you’re invited to contact me with suggested additions, if you feel so moved.