Check out my list of serotonin boosting foods

I just published a new page with a list of serotonin boosting foods. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Serotonin is also known as the "happiness hormone" and it can be boosted by including certain foods in your diet.
This is the chemical structure of serotonin, the “happiness hormone.”

Serotonin, sometimes called the “happiness hormone,” is a neurotransmitter our bodies produce from an essential amino acid called tryptophan.

In English, this means that one chemical in our brain is produced from something our body can’t make on its own. Instead, it gets that chemical from the food we eat. And that means that what we eat can have a direct effect on how we feel.

To be clear, I’m NOT saying that eating the foods on the list will magically make your depression go away. Far from it. BUT, what you eat can help you improve your overall emotional wellness and give your therapist and your SSRIs a fighting chance.

eggs are one of the foods that may help boost serotonin
Some foods like these farm fresh eggs help provide tour body with tryptophan, the chemical precursor of serotonin

If you’re like me, you like to use every tool at your disposal. You also have a deep appreciation for evidence. And you’re a bit guarded when it comes to mind-body connection kinds of things because, traditionally, we’ve been taught to be skeptical about such things. So, to alleviate some of the concerns that sprout from well-meaning skepticism, the page I just wrote includes links to peer reviewed literature as well as some easier to read resources.

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